Module 2.2 – Fundamentals (Quantization)


  • discretization of signals in amplitude
  • properties of quantization error
  • number representation in Matlab

1. If an analog signal is quantized to 6-bit words, what is the number of possible quantization steps?


2. What is the maximum quantization error magnitude for a (linear) quantizer for a full-scale input signal?


3. If a quantizer has 16 quantization steps, what is its the wordlength?


4. Which of the following is true if the wordlength of a quantizer is decreased by 1-bit ?


5. True or false? In theory, a quantized signal can be perfectly reconstructed if the word length is at least twice the maximum amplitude.


6. Which of the following will reduce the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) at the quantizer output? Mark all the correct answers


7. What is the expected shape of the PDF (probability density function) of the quantization error (assume a small quantization step size and a large signal variance)?