Module 2.0 – Fundamentals (Signals)


  • deterministic & periodic signals
  • random signals
  • Fourier Series

1. What is the frequency of an oscillation? Mark the correct answer.


2. Which of the following frequencies are harmonics of a periodic signal with a fundamental frequency f_0= 220Hz? Mark all correct answers.


3. How are (fundamental) frequency f_0 and period length T_0 of a periodic signal related? Mark the correct answer.


4. The signal x(t) is defined as
x(t) = A cos(2πt w(t))

  • A,π constants,
  • w(t) a Gaussian random variable, and
  • t as the time.

Is x(t) a deterministic or a random signal?


5. Is it possible to compute the Fourier Series coefficients of a random white noise input signal?


6. Consider a periodic signal with period length 4. What is the 0th Fourier coefficient for this signal given that the area under the signal curve for one period is 8.


7. Mark the correct statements. The Fourier Series…



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