matlab code now available at github

All matlab code is now moved from my private repository to a public github repository. It can now be downloaded directly from the repository instead of the manually assembled zip archive I offered before.

This allows for easier updates and has a publicly available version history. Furthermore, this allows to directly embed the code into the page (see, e.g., the feature computation function. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I made any mistakes updating the web site.

2 thoughts on “matlab code now available at github

    • First of all, keep in mind that the code here on this website only exemplifies implementations and approaches; it is not a framework that can be used right away like others. Second, I am not completely sure what your question is:

      • if by speech recognition you refer to classification of speech vs., e.g., music, you might want to have a look at these slides (specifically pp. 78) and look at the source code to produce the plots: displayScatter.m at the slides github repo (all there materials and links are summarized on the teaching page). Again, this will only help explain the basic approach, it will not be a perfect classifier, especially not with those simple features.
      • if by speech recognition you refer to the transcription of words then I am afraid that, although the features presented here might be helpful (especially the MFCCs are used a lot), I currently have no implementation of, e.g., an HMM that would be one of the baseline approaches to this. Also, I have no speech data listed in my list of datasets.

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